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Dr. Certo is releasing his first leadership book for the popular market - Chasing Wisdom: Finding Everyday Leadership in Business and Life.  The book clearly explains what "wisdom" is and provide practical steps for business leaders to become wiser.  Lessons in the book are based upon Dr. Certo's experiences with two sons in helping to build their businesses. 
When was the last time you were confronted with a business or employee problem that you weren't quite sure how to handle? Maybe mistrust or dysfunctional conflicts among staff members have been severely limiting company progress. Or, maybe you just want to improve your business, client, and employee relations.
No matter your goals, this book will help you by providing practical tools for becoming wiser in business and life—tools that help you put biblical thought into everyday practice. Dr. Samuel C. Certo illustrates these tools through personal conversations with his two adult sons as they explore ways to incorporate wisdom into business management.Chasing Wisdom is also available as an audio book or e-book. Keep up with Chasing Wisdom news at:

"I really liked Chasing Wisdom!  The combination of eternal truth and best business practice came through loud and clear."

Bill Wolfe

Director of Strategic Partnerships

CRU-Campus Crusade for Christ



"Easy to read.  Chapters carry a message.  Very practical.  Most importantly is the clear path to transfer the subject matter into your business."


Dave Whitten

​Sales Manager


This book includes real world dilemmas that every manager is likely to face.  Case studies help the reader to discover and apply timeless wisdom in scripture.  I highly recommend "Chasing Wisdom in Business" to everyone who wants to improve skills at managing employees and grow a solid, profitable company. 


Tom Starnes

Chairman & CEO



"I highly recommend this book as an equipping resource for chasing wisdom in life, ways of building up yourself and others, and acting on truths for doing business the right way!  Be committed to learn, grow, and serve."

Pastor Gus Davies

Northland, A Church Distributed

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