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For over twenty-five years in the business world, Sam Certo has been an author, professor, consultant, and speaker.  His writings have focused on outlining business principles that organizational leaders should live by.  His specialties are leadership, motivation, communication, and business strategy.
He has recently completed a new book that will be available soon.  The book is called Chasing Wisdom in Business: Real Leadership Adventures with Two Sons and will be offered in traditional print, as an ebook, and as an audio-book. This book focuses on how leaders can become wiser and more successful in business by integrating both biblical and business principles in everyday business activities.

Dr. Samuel C. Certo
Professor, Author, Speaker, Consultant


Mary Kay Williams, MBA

Senior Director, Business Process Innovation


Chasing Wisdom in Business offers a fresh look at the duality of business life and Christian beliefs.  It shares insights into the relevance of Christian teachings in today's business world by using Biblical passages to help the reader navigate real world business challenges.  

Dr. Certo is theSteinmetz Professor of Management and past Dean of the Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College.  His Strength is translating useful business ideas into practical, real world tactics.  He has written over fifty successful college textbooks for publishers like McGraw-Hill, Random House, and Pearson Publishing on the fundamentals of management, strategic management, and supervision. He has over 300,000 published textbook pages and his books have been used by over 500,000 students. One of his Books, Supervision: Concepts and Skill-Building, published by McGraw-Hill, has been a best seller for over two decade.  Another of his books co-authored with his son S. Trevis Certo, Modern Management: Concepts and Skills is published by Pearson and has been a best seller for over three decades.
Reflecting his practical nature, as an entrepreneur, he has been involved in owning/starting three businesses that are still in operation in the clothing, food services, and Internet services industries. 
Dr. Certo has consulted with companies like Darden, Scholastic, CBS, and the Social Security Administration and has notable experience on boards of private and public companies in the banking and supermarket industries.
At Rollins College, Certo has received several teaching awards.  In addition he has received the Bornstein Award for Global Scholarship and the Cornell Distinguished Faculty Award.  Dr. Certo is commonly engaged as a speaker on a variety of business topics.  One of his latest presentations was for the Central Florida Christian Chamber of Commerce.  His presentation was entitled "Chasing Wisdom in Business".
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